Overdrive Live! Station is a non-profit Alternative Rock radio station. It focuses on the following genres: Alternative, Alternative Metal, Industrial Rock, Modern Rock, Post-grunge, Hard Rock, Electronic Rock, Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Rap Metal, Nu-metal.

We sport popular hits, hot new tracks, underrated songs, as well as those written by young bands, who are just starting out.

We are there to raise our fans’ spirits, wherever they are, and to make alternative rock more popular.

We stream around the world. Out time zone is GMT +02:00. The stream is available 24/7 except for a brief service break.

Our slogan is: “The Power of Now”. 

VK: vk.com/overdrivelive
Telegram: t.me/overdrivelive
Donate: donationalerts.com/r/overdrivelive

OverdriveLive.Net. 2024. Alternative Rock Radio Station.